4.7 ( 3297 ratings )
Jogos Entretenimento Puzzle Estratégia
Developer: JAM iGames
0.99 USD

** Jabara is the Korean version of the popular Grab Em Puzzle/Strategy Game **

** OpenFeint enabled **


Just how many icons CAN you get in a group? Strategically Grab groups of icons and remove them to create larger and larger groups. Score high as quick as possible, create the largest combos, and clear screens...if you can! How long can YOU go? Definitely a MUST have for puzzle game lovers!


* Unique puzzle game mechanics
* Easy to learn, challenging to master
* Quick-Play! Single touch mode
* Hyper-addictive gameplay
* 5 Play modes: Kids (easy) thru Insane (extreme) for adults
* Leveling
* OpenFeint
- Online/Offline leaderboards
- Chat
- Friends
- Facebook/Twitter updates
* Mystery Bonuses and Seasonal Themes
* Specifically designed for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch


* More bonus types
* New icon sets
* New backgrounds

Like this game? Find out more at: www.JAM-n-Bread.com